Artist Statement

Much of my work is derived from the transformation of a significant personal experience into a work or installation which is intended to incite the viewer’s internal dialogue. The result is not autobiographical or singularly narrative, but a space intended to provoke the viewer to turn inward—an invitation for reflection and contemplation.

The content of my work has to do with my ongoing exploration of human commonalities which transcend culture and ethnicity. Despite a desire for uniqueness, I believe that people are profoundly similar in nature. I am interested in the way people relate to other people, places, and objects. The direct and indirect subjects recurring in my work include social interactions, intimacy, memory, and the home.

I am interested in the universal desire for connection despite our inherent separateness, and the way our physical, external spaces often mirror our internal, emotional selves. I consider the evolution of relationships between individuals to be a sequence of choices regarding what to conceal and what to reveal. The simultaneity of presence and absence, isolation and connection, and the universal and idiosyncratic are some of the dichotomies my work evokes but does not attempt to explain.

Rather than confine the artist/viewer exchange to the traditional gallery setting, the current focus of my work is to expand site-specific installation and public art into the realm of intervention. I am searching for the moments, openings, and pauses where art can intervene with and exist in daily life—a message left in a library book, a gift in the pocket of a Salvation Army coat.